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The Model BVR-32 is Dalanco Spry's newest offering for DSP and Data Acquisition applications. This PCI bus board may be used in both desktop and embedded environments. It is based upon the 60 MHz Texas Instruments TMS320C32 DSP with 512K Bytes of SRAM. A 4 channel high speed A/D converter (6 MHz, 12 bit), dual channel D/A converter (25+ MHz, 12 bit), and a digital data connector form the I/O portion. The digital data connector may be connected directly to an IDE hard drive for high speed data acquisition applications.

A Xilinx Virtex FPGA gives the board added flexibility and power. FIFOs, dual port RAMS, digital filters, and other logic cores may be incorporated into this component.

The Boot Loader Mode of operation of the TMS320C32 is fully supported on the Model BVR-32 for embedded applications. The board has 512K Bytes of Flash memory and a voltage supervisor.

Software includes an assembler, debugger, device drivers for Windows , FPGA and DSP support utilities, and data acquisition and signal display programs.

The price for the Model BVR-32 in 1-100 quantities is $750.00. The software development kit is $350.

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